The Tree of Life

A game of Change, Diversity and Partnership

3 - 4 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
120 - Unlimited


The Tree of Life is a simulation game about Change, Diversity and Partnership. Designed to foster positive change, it serves as an innovative and practical way of communicating a company’s mission and values.

The storyline is the one of evolution: players start as a simple organism called LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor). LUCA live in a dynamic ecosystem in which all organisms must cooperate to sustain it and survive. To do so, they must plan an agile strategy, adapting to the many changes in their dynamic environment. There are many competing ecosystems which can also cooperate to acquire scares resources necessary for the organism’s evolution.

Learning Outcomes

The Tree of Life is a highly engaging game that creates a positive, dynamic atmosphere in the group. Participants must learn how to work together in a constantly changing environment. Since the environment is continuously changing unexpectedly, participants must utilise effective communication, strategic thinking and agile, flexible planning for optimal performance. It challenges silo mentality demanding cross-team cooperation for success and survival.

One of the distinguishing features of this game is that it has been designed for larger groups of 120+ players. Even with big groups, each participant will be fully engaged as they play and network simultaneously together.

Related Testimonial

The Tree of Life was efficacious and entertaining for all participants. The knowledge acquired around collaboration, the process of change and work organization has contributed significantly to the development of our employees.

Monika Tyziniec, HR Business Partner
CompuGroup Medical

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