CSI Space Odyssey

Fun, virtual CSI Teambuilding Activity

1 - 1.5 hours
6 - Unlimited


CSI Space Odyssey takes participants on a murder mystery adventure inside a deserted spaceship. Attractive graphics and escape room style riddles guarantee all players are engaged throughout. Guided by the app teams combine their collective strengths, working through successive game levels to unravel the evidence. Each level unlocks 3D animations revealing, uncharted sectors of the ship, prompted questions and associated conundrums. Constant communication is vital as teams puzzle through clues in the form of online dossiers, animated videos and cryptic puzzles. Shared observations help the teams progress to solve the mystery. The clock is ticking, full engagement is required to be the winning team!

Learning Outcomes

CSI Space Odyssey develops leadership and teamwork skills under the pressure of competition and time. Designed for teams working from different locations, CSI Space Odyssey creates a sense of belonging and inclusion through a fun memorable experience. Through a fun engaging theme, participants improve soft skills applicable to working remotely. To succeed team members need to be observant and alert and ensure their communication is clear and concise. Actively listening to others is a must to solving the crime. As the game progresses competitive spirit builds encouraging full engagement from all team members.

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This activity has been designed for people who work remotely. Your team may be working from home, in different regional office locations or in different countries! Love the theme but want a face to face or hybrid solution? Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for your team.

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