Flat Out Top Gun

Are your team ready for the danger zone?

1.5 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
21 - 200


Using detailed plans and recyclable materials, teams divide into sub-teams to construct a 1:4 scale F18 jet plane. Once complete, they decorate the plane with decals and decide who will be the pilot and the engines! Then teams collaborate on the display for the final air show. After lining up on the runway, teams must combine speed, precision and communication skills to navigate their aircraft and choreograph the action. This incredible shared experience can be made even more memorable with a drone filming the fly-by and editing to ‘highway to the 'Danger Zone'.

Learning Outcomes

In Flat Out Top Gun, teamwork, resourcefulness, and excellent communication skills are required to turn a flat pack of materials into a plane. When constructing the plane, knowledge of the final objective is key. Allocation of tasks to sub-teams and effective cross-team communication with a clear understanding of how one group's components fit into those of others and the overall project will lead to a well-constructed plane. Effective inter-team strategic planning, accurate role allocation and whole, effective teamwork will lead to success in the air show as the aircraft fly together.

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