VR – La Casa De Dinero

Virtual Reality multiplayer Bank Heist

1 - 1.5 hours
6 - Unlimited


This highly engaging team building activity captures the tension and drama of La Casa de Papel in a multiplayer VR game. Participants 'puzzle' their way through several game levels, swapping headsets between stages to ensure everybody experiences an array of next-level VR environments. During their adventure teams must solve all manner problems; cracking safes, defusing bombs, silencing alarms and finally digging their way out of their virtual world and back to reality.

Learning Outcomes

Success in Casa de Dinero requires teams to assimilate information quickly, communicate effectively and value the individual skills of their colleagues. Participants must be aware of their surroundings and communicate clearly when they take their turn in the virtual world. Identifying which information is relevant to answering the questions is important as time short. Deduction and collaborative problem solving skills will be sharpened.

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