pirate or pioneer

Pioneer or Pirate?

Published on Apr 5, 2017 by David Simpson

As a Creative Pioneer, you know the drill. You get a great idea, invest time, money and resources into researching, developing and trialling your new creative product. You launch it to the market. But alas! Barely before you can hoist the main sail, pirates who have been intently spying on your next move have copied it and proclaimed it as their own.These buccaneers of the sea have little respect for the creators and designers, serving up a substandard version of the original without all the detail and understanding that makes it the brilliant product it is. They wrap it in fancy pants and swash buckle it to an unknowing, bargain seeking customer, way below market price. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Flattery, however, does little to generate revenue to reinvest into further research and development.

pirate or pioneer

Is piracy robbing the world of new and better products?

I know you’ll agree that there is much more to effective, measurable team building experiences than a social with your team on a Friday night. Sure, any budding entrepreneur can try their hand at a company day out, a few team games, competitions and a fun experience for the participants but where is the real value?

Research attests to the power of team building through experiential learning programs. A skilful team building leader observes the participants closely, identifying gaps in their knowledge base or skills and adjusts the activity to meet the desired outcomes.

What’s more, it’s not the most complex of training and team building programs that require this experience and attention. Even well designed, seemingly “just for fun” experiences, have vastly different outcomes when carefully selected to match requirements and delivered by an expert team.

What is the real price when you select the cheapest?

Starting with the premise that your employees are valuable and key to your business success, can you really afford not to spend time defining what your desired outcomes are from a team building program? Then faced with a pile of quotes for seemingly similar products, what factors help determine your selection? How often do you turn to price to be the determining factor? With the health of your business and employees in mind, can you afford to get it wrong?

pirate or pioneer

The true value of long term relationships with an established service provider

Like a large proportion of our clients, they realise the value of having a close relationship with us as their team building provider. We have developed a partnership where we know their team and are ready to listen to their needs. They know that we may not be cheapest in the market but respect us as being the most cost effective in terms of lasting outcomes.

At Team Building Asia, we have been in the business for over 15 years in Hong Kong. We pride ourselves in assisting clients in defining desired outcomes, selecting the right product from our portfolio of over 100 original, tried and test products and ensuring that on the day, the experience is second to none. Client testimonials and repeat business speak for themselves.

Next time you venture out into the high seas, consider the health of your passengers and cargo. Choose wisely. Pirates are lurking.

David Simpson

Co-Founder & Training Director at Team Building Asia

Challenging people to reach their highest potential through experiential, interactive and fun workshops with a strong and meaningful business outcome.

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